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    how can i add a line, or some other distinctive element, separating each post on the homepage??


    The blog I need help with is



    Either choose a theme that does this to your satisfaction or insert it yourself, as an image. Lots of people do that, centered, in every post.



    @arielchasingelephants It looks like you figured it out. Let me know if you need more help. We could add a line with css so you don’t have to manually add a graphic.


    Here is an example using a WordPress logo image to illustrate one possibility:

    .home .entry {
    	display: table;
    	background: url( 0 100% repeat-x;

    Replace the url() value with an image you have uploaded to your media library and adjust “repeat-x” to “no-repeat” if you want the image to only be displayed once.

    The “.home” part at the beginning of the selector limits the CSS to the home page and the display:table part works to keep the image from getting cut off at the bottom of the post.

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