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    I am writing a document on a single-payer health plan. In the Blog I want first part first and each additional post to follow. Can this be done?


    You can accomplish this by editing the timestamps as you publish each part.

    However, keep in mind that visitors to your blog won’t necessarily realize that you’ve added more to the series. People look at the top of the page when they come back, and many of them will likely think you haven’t updated the site. Here’s an alternative that I used on a recent series of posts: at the beginning of each post, I put a short intro that said something like “in the previous post, we looked at X.” and gave the links back to the earlier posts for those people who hadn’t yet seen the earlier work. (The end of that series is here if you want to see how I handled it.)




    I understand you want the posts to appear in a (visually) opposite order than usual. That can be done by backdating every new posts to a date earlier than the others, so they appear at the bottom of the list.

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