Serious and prolonged display issue, No help from wordpress!

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    This is my second question in this forum in this week.

    I am having a wordpress blog, I am not hosting it from my machine. Recently I have a problem where images are not loading properly on the page and the page is looking like a mobile site. Dashboard looks like plain html page. Gravatar images are not loading up at all. It is actually looks like mobile phone version. The whole wordpress blogs and site opens in plain html page. Here is the screenshot of the dashboard of my blog. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member – loads (bit slow because you have a lot of content on the front page) – fine for me

    You might try:

    What browser and version number are you using and how are you connecting to the internet



    I use chrome Version 24.0.1312.57 m. I use internet through broadband connection.
    I have tried every thing, cleared cache and cookies, checked flash player.
    When I logged with different computer with different service provider , things were little better. Gravatar images were not loading up at all and everything else looked fine.



    There’s a bug with Gravatars, as I believe I told you in another thread.



    Then what should I do to get it right on my computer. I tried with other computers with same service provider. Except gravatar images, it was fine.
    I have tried in chrome, firefox, safari and opera.
    My computer is showing no virus and showing up to date.



    There is a bug with Gravatar. You cannot fix this, only staff can. You have to wait for staff to fix it.



    I am not worried about gravatar. My dashboard is a plain html page. I have given link above. Is this problem linked with gravatar problem?

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