Serious Image Sizing Issues

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    Recently posting images on my blog has turned into a nightmare!

    I upload an image and select all appropriate options to keep the image at full size (615px seems to be the max width in order to keep it in the designate area on my blog) and everything looks good via the ‘visual’ tab, but when I preview it, the image is completely out of proportion and stretched lengthwise. Also, it doesn’t preview at 615px. It’s much smaller. And obviously it stays this way when I publish it. This never used to happen. I’m aware that I can manually resize the image in the visual tab, but I have to drag the bottom of the image up until it looks out of proportion widthwise in order for it to look right in the preview tab. And this doesn’t solve my width issues. The image previews and publishes at (I’m guessing) 400px even though I selected the option to keep the image at full size.

    Any ideas? This is killing me! Thanks in advance!



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    You can visually see the issues on my blog. These images are supposed to be full size, but appear much smaller for some reason.



    You are in the wrong forum. The correct one for your software is here >

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