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    Ok, we’ve tried submitting sitemaps, we’ve contacted Google, we’ve done everything to try and fix our site since this Penguin update. Is there really something wrong with our site that we can’t get indexed again? We’ve tried to contact WordPress support, (but unfortunately it’s still closed) and unfortunately again our Internet guy couldn’t find the email address to the guy who emailed us not to long ago about this same issue but couldn’t provide much assistance.

    Can somebody please help us figure this out? We’ve worked so hard to build this website, and because of this update, it’s just plummeting, going downhill and fast.

    The blog I need help with is


    Can we have a link to the site you are talking about?


    Member I tried to add it to my profile, but couldn’t figure out how.


    You have a strong presence in google. reports you have 20,000 results on Google and 6,200 on Bing.

    What is webmaster tools reporting?

    One thing I’ll mention is that Google is so screwed up right now I’m surprised anyone is coming up in a search.



    We’re receiving that we have less than 10,000 results in Google. Google’s webmaster is returning absolutely nothing, we got verified within the webmaster about 14 days ago, submitted a sitemap the same day, and nothing has happened. It is still pending.

    The issue with Google, is our new articles are not by any means being indexed. We are losing stats tremendously because nobody can find new things we publish online.

    We’re only aware of how many results we have because we did a manual search ourselves.


    I’ve seen it take plenty of time for Google to pickup a sitemap, but the thing is, anytime the go to your site they look for one, and will use it if they find it. The submittal and verification are just sort of extra steps.

    Your robots.txt file is fine, and your sitemap file is fine as well. Is this the one you submitted: ?


    Also, how long ago did you put this site up on



    This site has been up for about 5 months. Was performing just fine before the ‘Penguin’ thing demolished Google. (-.-).


    Google has done so much damage to many of my client sites with the last couple of big updates they have done, and there is NOTHING shady or anything like that with my clients, and it is all original content. I’ve worked trying to get things back to where they were and simply have not been able to.

    I’ll tag this for staff attention, but they have virtually no control over Google and I don’t know if there is much of anything they can do about it. Hopefully though they will at least make an appearance and say something about it.



    Thank you so much. These issues with Google are so irritating especially for clients, companies, businesses, and people who use online things like WP to actually make a business.

    This Penguin stuff seems pointless as it didn’t just eliminate webspam, it eliminated well performing websites.



    We definitely have absolutely no control over how Google chooses to operated their index.

    I wish we did, but Google’s search index is entirely under Google’s control.



    ?So it’s not us then? Our website isn’t doing something to be not-indexed



    There is nothing that would prevent that blog from being indexed.



    And my social media blog is no longer being indexed either.

    I did an end run and just went to and pinged all the major services from there. You can try it and see if it helps.

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