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Serious or a joke?

  1. I get this at the top of my blog...

    Maintenance notice: Sorry for the short notice. 13742 days from now, your dashboard will be temporarily unavailable for about 30 minutes while we perform database maintenance. Your blog will still be readable and your stats will keep counting.

    It could be humorous but seeing that I've been having problems tonight resulting in 2 losts posts I'm going to believe it. As for 37 years from now...I'm not sure even I'll be around much less my blog.

  2. Must be humor as it's going on right now.

  3. Looks like it made you give a *big smile* so it must be a joke :)

  4. Sorry one of our engineers set the variable wrong, which is why that had the crazy maintenance message instead of something more reasonable.

  5. Crazy engineers! Dammit, Scotty, we've got a starship to run here!

  6. I'm in Eastern time zone. Why are my blogstats suddenly say it's Friday, August 18 and reset to Saturday?

  7. Never mind...I'm good. I just logged out and back in and it's fine.

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