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Serious problem since changing blog address

  1. collectireland

    Serious technophobe here once again. Today I changed the address of a blog (still marked private) and since then the themes are different on the blog depending on whether I look at it on Firefox or Google Chrome. Worse still all my photographs are now replaced with text which when clicked on brings up the Error 404 File not found message. I did nothing but follow the WordPress instructions for changing the address. Help please - months of work in danger!

    Thanks and remember I'm a technophobe.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. collectireland

    I didn't put that I needed help with - that's my main blog and is public and working fine!!

  3. . Today I changed the address of a blog (still marked private) ...

    What was the original URL?

    What did you change that URL to?

  4. I didn't put that I needed help with - that's my main blog and is public and working fine!!

    When you fail to select a URL that the thread pertains to thge software provides the URL. Unless or until you provide the correct URLs so we can begin to help you, you are dead in the water here.

  5. collectireland

    Sorry, I'm hopeless at the technical end of blogging. My main blog has a pile of private ones accessed through it. I had been working on one for months (marked private) with this address and today as the first step to making it public I want to alter the name to something suitable:

    I did everything according to the instructions here: but something has gone awfully wrong.

    Much appreciate any help.

  6. Both of those blogs exist and have their visibility set to private. To change blog visibility of one to Public go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading scroll to Blog Visibility and choose option 1 . See the guide here

  7. collectireland


    I've just done that here: and all the pages seem okay except the Shop one. That said it still seems a bit odd - what should I do about the old one?

    Would I be better moving the Movie blog to a new email a/c and disconnect it from my site?

    Thanks again.

  8. all the pages seem okay except the Shop one.

    What is the URL of that page please?

  9. collectireland

    All the pictures have disappeared again and the theme is changed when viewed on Google Chrome. It doesn't work on Firefox either.

  10. collectireland

    The theme is correct on Firefox but the pictures are missing.

  11. collectireland

    Pictures appeared again for a second and are gone again!

  12. I'm looking into this and will let you know when I have something to report :-)


  13. Howdy,

    Can you check your site now? Are the images displaying for you?


  14. collectireland

    No. They are still coming and going. My 10 year old thinks that the I should delete the as it is the cause of the problems? Very bad in Chrome.


  15. Deletion is irreversible. Don't do it. Wait for Staff.

  16. collectireland

    Thanks, the recklessness of youth!

  17. Can you clear your browser's cache (instructions are at Browser Issues).

    I saw a few images there wouldn't display before making my tweaks, but now, I can't find any that aren't displaying (checking all of the pages through M.


  18. collectireland

    I have done that but there's still problems - especially when using Chrome. This for instance The word auctions has broken through from my Collect Ireland blog and has nothing to do with the movie blog. Also the movie site seems to be searching the collectduplicate site for photos and yet when you go to that site it says there's no content.



  19. When you edit a page, at the top, you'll see a small edit link next to the URL.

    If you change the title of the page, you'd want to click that edit link to change the "permalink" to the page to something that makes sense for your new site.

    Can you send me an example of what you mean about the images, with specific pages? All of the images on the site appear to be pulling from from my look.


  20. Site seems to have settled down now. I still don't know how the permalinks are related to the Collect Ireland blog though. Most of the pages have the correct links. Anyway, an inauspicious launch of the new blog! Thanks very much for all your help and I'll be back to you if the site gets bolshie again.

    Lastly, should I delete ? It shouldn't affect anything should it?



  21. Hi David,

    Deleting the site shouldn't have any impact on your current one, though there's no harm in leaving it either.


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