Serious problem with the Sandbox theme

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    Hi all!

    I am using the Sandbox theme many time ago, and have never had problems. Nevertheless, this evening, suddenly, the theme has changed, and all you can to verify, it has messed up the menus.

    I have checked the code CSS and it does not seem that there is nothing erroneous (I have not even modified lately anything in order that this happens). It seems to be that both menus have moved, as if a new “list” (il or ul) had been created, but this does not appear in the code either.

    What does happen?
    Thanks very much!




    Alex, I read on another discussion that WordPress is trying to fix the problem. It extends across lots of themes. I tried reloading and nothing changed. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon.


    Ok, thanks, i didn’t look the forum today ;)

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