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Seriously, this is frustrating! Pages not under parent page in page widget

  1. I have published several new pages today and they only appear sporadically under their parent page in the page widget. It seems they often do appear when I edit them only to have them disappear again when I navigate away from the page. I have no idea why this is happening.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having the EXACT same issues. I'm looking forward to hearing how to fix this.

  3. my site is btw

  4. Well, let's hope someone who knows what is going on sees this post. I have tried everything I can think of, but nothing permanently solves the problem. I hate to say this, but I am glad I am not alone in this.

  5. Yes, I have this problem too. I have added a page titled New Astronomer's Group to my website/blog (, which should appear in the menu. However, it's not (it does sporadically appear, but mostly not). By the sounds of it, given everyone is having this problem today, it's a newly introduced bug?

  6. We need the name of each of the missing pages, and whether or not it appears on your dashboard Pages page.

  7. Yes, my page does appear in my Pages dashboard. If it helps / makes a difference, I customised the URL of the page before publishing it.

  8. Check the status of the pages on the Pages it Published? Some seem to stay Draft if you edit them.

  9. Yes, it says Published in the Pages dashboard.

  10. What is the name?

  11. Mine are all published. They appear in the widget occasionally. I have seven under one parent but only two appear in the right spot consistently. The rest are usually gone, appearing only sporadically.

  12. We need the NAMES and the URLs of the pages that are affected by this.

  13. I have been fiddling with this for a while now. It seems that if I edit and update a page, all or most of the missing pages appear under their parent. If I navigate away from the page and then return, they have all disappeared again.

  14. Okay, I'm done with helping in this thread.

    Once more,

    We need the NAMES and the URLs of the pages that are affected by this.

  15. I 'm having the same problem. I added my first new page today and it keeps disappearing from the nav bar (although I can see it in the Pages section of the dashboard). I thought I was doing something wrong as fairly new to blogging and WordPress; anyway good to see I am not alone. I hope we get an answer on this soon as I have wasted a lot of time this morning on this problem.

  16. There is an issue affecting custom menus and dropdown pages in custom menus. This thread and another have been tagged for Staff. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  17. I've just checked my site, and it's now showing the menu as expected. For what it's worth, I'm not using a custom menu.

  18. Mine have been working for at least half the day. I am not using a custom menu either, just the normal page widget. Again, it does seem to be working at this time.

  19. raincoaster - some of your replies were caught in the spam filter, sorry about that.

  20. I have been having exactly the same problem all day with:

  21. emiliocalderon

    Likewise here, I have been trying to get the page under its parent all day without luck.

    The parent page is: (permalink:

    The child or dependent page is: (permalink:

    How do I subscribe? I have marked the "Notify me of followup posts..."

  22. Hi Emilio,

    You had to make some adjustments here:

    I added the latest child page to the custom menu and saved the page - now it appears as it should!

    Other folks who are still having this issue: please post your blog URL and the title of the page that isn't displaying how it should with a URL, and the location you are expecting it to appear.

  23. Guys I'm having the same problem, the point is I could not tell you which pages aren't displaying since they keep coming and going: I open my blog and everything is how it should be, 2 minutes after I'm missing 5 pages, then it changes again. Surely this problem affects each page I published today.

    blog's url si

  24. All the pages I was having trouble with before finally showed up and stayed put. I just added another page and it is now having the same problem.

    Page not appearing:

  25. Two more pages just posted that do not show up:

    Bold address:

    I use Firefox but tried the blog on IE and the pages show up on neither. However, if I edit a page, it will show up for a little while and then disappear after I navigate away from the blog and then return.

  26. looks like the problem went away, at least for me. today everything's been showing up at its right place

  27. Hi all,

    We've been able to get a screenshot of some menu items showing up and not showing up, so we're now working on getting a fix.

  28. I'm having the same problem. I'm very new to wordpress, but whenever I create a new page it appears briefly, then disappears. I tried redoing the page - trashed the old one - then the trashed one appeared then disappeared! I'm beyond frustrated! Thanks for any help - J

  29. I was able to recreate this on a test blog, and we are looking into it.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and frustration!

  30. Hi all,

    This should be fixed now. If you still experience this issue, please let me know! Thanks for your patience!

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