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Server and Path?

  1. I'm trying to post to my blog from an outside editor. It's asking me for a server and a path. In the other posts I've seen on this topic, there's only been one location given, and it hasn't been labeled either of those. Can someone help me out?

  2. Please see Andy's comment below.

  3. This is the full URL for connecting via external editors:

    Try entering these values for Server and Path:

  4. Thanks Andy. I'll mark this as a favourite and have the correct answer next time.

  5. TT, just for reference, this should be in your Blogdesk setup as well. Whn you create a new blog account within Blogdesk, it defaults to this during the setup.

  6. @drmike
    I'm smiling :D because I edited my original post wherein I suggested the use of BlogDesk. Andy posted after me and I edited my post out directed readers to his instead.

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