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Server down?

  1. I'm getting an error when trying to go on my blog. Is there a server down or something? The page doesn't open for me:

  2. I'm getting the same problem. I just started my blog and was trying to get it all set up and now all the pages I click are errors. I thought I broke my new blog already lol

  3. Yeah its happening to me too, its not loading.

  4. Hmmm.. I can see the 2 blogs of the other 2 who commented but I can't see mine :(

  5. Yay, mine is back... Army I can see your blog too man! :P

  6. I can see wiiunite's blog and armymomnj's blog but mortazab's is not loading for me. As you can't send in feedbacks I will but you should all send in emails to support at wordpress dot com.

  7. Same situation. I also can't see my blog.

  8. @everyone
    I have sent in a feedback to staff.
    I can see your blog. Don't forget to email as above.

    P.S. When you email please provide staff with as much info as possible like OS (versions), browser (versions), proxy, firewalls, etc.

    hmmm ... have you tried ... rather than a direct log-in to your blogs?

  9. Mines working now :)

  10. i can access my dashboard through logging in the forums, but i can't see my blog either. drats!

  11. YAY! thanks for checking back in.

  12. @sulz
    email okay

  13. Thanks timethief. But, I still cannot load my blog. Anyway, I sent my situation and this topic's URL for contact support.

  14. See the sticky I just posted.. Should be fixed shortly.

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