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Server is having problems Again?

  1. uncooperativeblogger

    Why is the RHTML editor down again and why lately when I try and save a post it tries to download the post.php file?

  2. Because they 'upgraded' to unstable alpha code. Hang on and things should straighten out eventually.

  3. Although both of those symptoms sound like a force reload is needed to clear the browser cache.

  4. uncooperativeblogger

    I did do a hard reload and it didn't work, it came up and down twice today.

    Sigh, why are they experimenting on us?

  5. Because you are on an experimental server.

    It's not "us" they are experimenting on. They are allowing us to use the service that they have set up for beta testing.

    Gets to me a little too. :(

  6. I guess it is still down...

    I just started using WordPress. Does this happen frequently? How long does it usually take for them to recover?

  7. Not, it's not frequent, but it does happen. It depends on how serious it is as to how long it takes to get fixed.

    Sending feedback through your dashboard will normally get a decent response though.


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