Server Probs??

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    Are there problems with the WordPress Servers?? For the past 2 days the server has been going on quite slow.. I had to refresh my blog half the times to view it plus I’ve gotten that Server Error Funky message atleast 4-5 times.

    Any maintainence or something?

    ~ CC



    We’re shifting some things to address the problem, and there is new hardware and such coming online as soon as we can get it.



    I am very relieved to hear that. I haven’t been able to access my dashboard for over 24 hours now and yet I can see other WP users posting away merrily. Initially, I thought it was just me :-)


    Does this only affect some people?



    I did set up a blog today and was affected, too. It’s slow as a slug currently. It event timed out in the registration several times, before I was even able to complete the registration part.



    Matt – do you know when this is going to be fixed? I’ve had problems since yesterday and now can’t get into admin at all… cheers.



    If stuff is being moved around to new servers that’ll cause further disruption, so nobody can tell you honestly when or if things will start running smoothly again.

    This sort of thing is par for the course with free hosts. People realise what they can get for nothing and before you know it the servers can no longer cope.

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