Server time-out when loading the Presentation page

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    and that’s probably laughable to most of the world (since most of the world seems to have broadband….)

    Not laughable to me though. My connection literally times out at the server while trying to load all the screenshot pngs. Is there any possibility that something could be done to optimized the graphics, make them smaller size-wise so they aren’t as load-time-heavy – ANYTHING?

    I realize that being on 30 year old analog phone lines is certainly not mainstream around here…. but it sure would be nice to be able to see all the theme thumbs….



    I gotta agree that it does take a few seconds for it to load for me. (On a pair of OC-192s here)

    From the links of the pictures, it looks like they’re coming fromt eh same place the actual themes are stored. I was thinking that maybe it was from a seperate server or something and having to do a lookup maybe was the issue but I guess not.

    Maybe turning off images before loading the page and then right clicking on them and loading them one by one maybe after the page loads?

    Hope this helps,



    You wouldn’y by chance be useing the latest build of Firefox would you?

    After upgrading to FF 1.5.1 I get a lot of server timeouts with it. Frankly it’s gotten to the point I’ll switch to mostly using Flock (a FF variant) til the problem is solved.



    Wait a few minutes, some upgrades are going on and you may see a glitch here or there.


    FF 1.5 (not moving to 1.5.1 until my aardvark gets upgraded, can’t live without it when designing!) – and it’s not FF, it’s my crap phone lines, same exact problem with ANY browser….

    Matt, it’s ongoing for me – no relation to your upgrade cycle.

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