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    Hello all.

    I have setup a site focussed towards my showcase of work. I am happy with the way things are working out. But have stumbled across an issue.

    I have created categories for services such as: Web Development, UI Design etc, filed under a sevices category.

    I have also created a featured projects category. So basically when the user clicks the featured project they are redirected to the related post. Which is all as required.

    I have used custom fields for items such as client, project, overview, and services.

    However I want to be able to select which services were used. From here the user could click a service and that would take them to the category post. I.e user clicks on Web Development and they would be re-directed to the web development post filed under the services category.

    I had thought I could be clever and use tags for the post. i.e add tags to each project. But the tags dont direct to the actual post.

    Can anyone suggest the best approach.

    Thank you.

    Trevor Saint.


    Where are all those things? The blog linked to your username is practically empty.



    Hiya panaghiotisadam, i am working locally for the time being.

    It was a general question mate. I dont have an online blog.

    Can you help.


    We cannot help if we cannot see the blog, because your description isn’t easy to grasp, because you may have made a mistake you’re unaware of, and because some things are theme-dependent.

    But if you’re “working locally”, then I guess you’re talking about a self-hosted blog, in which case you’re in the wrong forum – see the stickies up top on the main page of this forum.

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