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Set a default color set for LaTeX?

  1. foreverdigital

    Hey there -

    We're trying to get our tech blog up and running, but it requires a heavy amount of LaTeX. The plugin is working for the most part, but it's really annoying to have to specify foreground and background colors for every instance of LaTeX in the post, i.e.:

    $latex<br /> \max_{B} \sum_{i=1}^M \sum_{j=1}^N H(i,j) B(i,j) + F(B(\cdot,j))<br /> &bg=ffffff&fg=000000&s=1<br /> $</p> <p>such that</p> <p>$latex<br /> \forall i: \sum_{j=1}^N B(i,j) \le q_i<br /> &bg=ffffff&fg=000000&s=1<br /> $</p> <p>and</p> <p>$latex<br /> \forall j: \sum_{i_1}^M B(i,j) = n, \forall i,j B(i,j) \ge 0.<br /> &bg=ffffff&fg=000000&s=1<br /> $</p> <p>where $latex B&bg=ffffff&fg=000000$

    Is there a way to set default colors in settings? Or maybe define which colors from our theme it should use? (the body background is dark, but the content background is white, yet the plugin is choosing the body background color).

    Any help / tips would be appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

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