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set featured image not working in pilcrow

  1. jenniferwolfewriter

    Hi, folks. I am having troubled inserting the desired set featured image into my "about me" page. I've been able to do it on several pages, but cannot get it to work on this one. Just stays the way it was. Help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see hydrangeas on that page. Are you uploading the correct size of image specified for the featured image?

  3. jenniferwolfewriter

    On the About me page, the flowers are orange lilies, and it's supposed to be my face. OK, so I think I need to check photo size, though this photo should be about the same as all the others. However...maybe not. I'll give it a shot, since sizing does seem to be the main issue that's been discussed on these forums. Thank you kindly for your prompt response.

  4. I see orange lilies on that About me page. May I suggest that if the image of yourself is not the exact size specified by the Pilcrow theme you can enter you Media Library and delete the image, and then prepare one that is the exact dimensions required and upload it?

  5. jenniferwolfewriter

    Yes, I will try that. I tried another version but it didn't work, so now I'll go back to the drawing board and figure out how to make the image the exact right size. Thanks.

  6. veronicagarciaga

    I have the same problem. The images stopped showing up even on the single blog entry, and not to mention the entries homepage, evrything is messed up!

  7. @theworldinmyhands
    You are using Structure on the blog linked to your username, not Pilcrow. A quick search provided these results below. The solution to your problem may be found in these articles:

    At the moment featured images in Structure will show in the homepage top area if they are the right size (620x380 pixels) or larger, but still they won't show in the single post view (if you have enabled that option).
    Update on Structure: featured images will show up on the single post as well if their size is 640x392 pixels (or larger).

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