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Set post date on publish

  1. I am new to wordpress.

    Is there a way I can specify the post date, so when I publish it will fall into place chronologically..?

    Not the date I publish..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. The date and time of publishing are the date and time that WordPress use to sort your posts:

    You can set a future date for a post to be published, or you can change the date of a post that is already published (although not recommended, as it will result in dead links, particularly in search engines).

    Hope it helps!

  3. Arg.. That sux..

    In Blogger, it has a post date option.. Makes it very easy to catch up with last-weeks posts if you miss them.. I can choose a two-month-old pic from flickr and create a post from the day the pic was taken, not today..

    I'm trying to re-build my blog, and have posts that will go back several years.. Without being able to specify a post date, everything will be random and out of order..

  4. Sorry. I forgot to say you can set a date in the past for a post. That's what I did for my blog which contains entries as old as 1998.

  5. How do you do that?

  6. Read the support documentation I linked to earlier. Also, as I said, you can change the date of a post that is already published.

  7. Oh, ok.. I understand now..

    At first I thought that was only for future publishing, but you can use it to post to a past date as well..

    Great! Thanks!

  8. You're welcome! :-)

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