Set site header and subheader text to different colors?

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    Hi, I’d like to reset my blog to the Clean Theme Home “light” color option where the main header text is red and the subheader is black. But I played around with making some changes and can’t get it back, I can only get them to the same color. Thanks for your help,


    The blog I need help with is



    Exactly what happens when you go here and try to make the change?
    > Appearance > Theme Options
    reference link:



    I have a choice between 4 pre-made color schemes of this “Clean Theme Home” each with a radio button next to it for me to select. So I select the “light” one and click “save options.”

    I’ve tried selecting a different color scheme, saving it, refreshing the blog home page, then going back and selecting the “light” color scheme, and saving it in hopes that it will reset all the settings to default but it doesn’t. I’ve also tried activating a different theme entirely and then re-activating the “Clean Theme Home” in hopes that that will wipe the slate clean but it doesn’t, oddly.



    PS I have also cleared my cookies and cache in case it was a problem with that, which it apparently isn’t.



    In >Appearance>Header>Header text there is a

    check box next to “show header text with your image” and a

    text color palette, which in the upper right has a “default” button but when I click that my header text disappears.

    Currently I have no header image, which is how I want it, and I have selected the check box and the color red. So I think the header, sub header colors come from me selecting this red color. Whereas if I could somehow clear this selection perhaps it would go back to the default red header, black subheader text (my problem I’d like to resolve).



    Hi there,

    Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. I have let our themes team know about the problem and will let you know when we have a fix for you.




    Thanks, catrymer!




    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Now the default button selects the default color so that you can revert it anytime.

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