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    With the Custom Design package (which I don’t have, but looking at getting) is it possible to change the site width to a percentage rather than a set pixel width?

    I’m using the Twenty Eleven theme, and my website’s width is set regardless of the viewer’s screen size. For example, there is a massive amount of empty space on either side of the main content when viewing the website on my mum’s iMac which has a very wide screen. Can you set it to zoom in when viewed on a larger screen without misplacing the content?

    The blog I need help with is



    Drag the browser window to make it narrower, and you’ll see that 2011 does not have a “set pixel width”. It only has a fixed maximum width. If you mean whether you can increase that maximum, or turn that maximum into a percentage of the browser window, yes, it’s possible when you have the Custom Design upgrade (but it will require other changes too).

    And changing the maximum width isn’t the same as zooming in. Increasing the width means more characters per line of text but same font size. Zooming in means magnification: you can readily do it by pressing command + (Mac) or control + (PC).

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