Set up a new blog to hold my audio files – for current blog

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    I would like to have a go at reading my poetry and having the audio on my site.

    (I know about the upgrade, don’t want this yet – if the readings work I may pay for it later)

    The instructions say I can link to files on the internet for free. Can I create a WP blog just to store my mp3 files and link to them from my current poetry blog?



    The blog I need help with is


    To upload (=store) your mp3s in a blog you need the Space upgrade, so there’s no point using a separate blog to do that. You can upload your mp3s in a free file hosting site that gives direct URLs, for instance Fileden.


    Ha, never thought of that (upload =store). Thank you panaghiotisadam


    PS You won’t link to the mp3s after you upload them – you’ll insert them with the WP audio player, by writing this in the HTML post or page editor:
    [audio URL HERE]


    Thank you – I’ve checked out Fileden – Free is 1gb – about how many mp3 files would that equal?


    There’s no answer to that exact question: depends on the duration of each mp3 and its quality (how much the original audio has been compressed). Very very roughly, one minute in acceptable quality would be about 1MB, so 1GB is room enough for mp3s that last a total of about 1000 minutes or 16 hours.


    Thank you very much, that helps me – cheers.


    You’re welcome!

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