set up new blog with wrong email and paid for upgrade

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    I set up a new blog today and it was set up with the wrong email. In addition I paid for the upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is



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    Thanks, the account is under Alter Elements. I started the process over last night, but I need to get the upgrade issue resolved.



    Hi there,

    Could you comment here as the other user account and let me know you approve this transfer? I’m more than happy to move it over to the correct account! It would help if you added this user account as an admin on the other blog, too.



    the original account was set up with the email address of alter (email redacted). I think that was the user name used too.
    It was then changed to alterelment as the user name.
    the correct email is (email redacted)



    Hi there,

    I am not able to update the correct user account with the email address you want, because it is being used with another account (the one that has the upgrade on it).

    What you can do is edit the one with the correct email address to a different email address, and then I will be able update your primary account with the correct email address and transfer the upgrade.

    Just let me know if you need help with the steps!

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