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    I’ve just enabled domain mapping for domain. What I would like is set the blog in instead of (withou www.).

    I’ve tried changing configuration options but I’m unable to resolve this issue.

    Thanks for your help,

    The blog I need help with is


    The Ws are stripped out. There’s really no reason for them anymore and most browsers don’t need them or discard them.



    Yes, I agree with you however I would prefer www. Do you know how I could acomplish this?

    Thank you!



    I don’t believe that you can do this with a hosted blog. If you had a self-hosted site you could achieve it with Apache rewrites, though it seems a strange thing to do.

    As you can see actually works, taking you to


    Will this not affect the Google Webmaster stats though? I have the same query. I have but am unsure if Google will then see or as different sites? I have been trying to look into it with no avail. Do you know how I can check my primary URL in WordPress?



    Eventually over time all traffic will move to the custom domain. It will probably take a month for web earch engines to completely switch to your new site (when they try to re-index your old site the redirect will tell them that it has moved).

    In the mean time I think you will have two separate entries in the webmaster tools and need to manually agregate figures, though it won’t eb long before you can drop access to the old site as insignificant.

    I don’t know what you mean by “Do you know how I can check my primary URL in WordPress?”. If you want to know which one is selected as a primary it is the one that gets displayed in the URL bar when you browse your site – or you can look at the one selected as “primary” on your domain list in the Dashboard->Store->Domains.


    That’s perfect thanks. I’ll just wait then, for now in my Webmaster tools I have the www. one, hopefully this will work out ok. It’s annoying that it treats it as 2 different sites with the www. and without. My other issue is the verification because I can only add one Meta tag to my WordPress blog :( I’m still getting to grips with this!



    Think of it this way: the domain is a SUB-domain of the domain.




    Ok, thanks a lot for your reply. I finally decided to maintain without www. in front of it.

    Anyway, I think it would be great to be able to easily define which is your main blog adress using a single click option, just as Google webmaster tools allows (with or without www.).


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