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    Hello and thank you in advance.

    I just finished my first wp site and I am amazed at how easy it was and how great it came out compared to my previous experience with intuit.

    I have 2 probably minor issues I can’t figure out.
    1. when someone comes to my site they come here http://www.cherry-hill-electrician.(com) But I can’t figure out how to get them back to that point as a home page. Ideally I would like to just add a “home” tab so they can get back to that page.

    2 There are 2 tabs I would like to remove 1 is archives and the other is rss feeds. They don’t show up in my dashboard under pages

    The blog I need help with is


    I meant “two” links


    Create a custom menu and then include only the pages/items that you want in that menu. In the pages module, click the “view all” link at the top of that module and you will see a “home” menu item that you can add to your custom menu. After you have your custom menu created, save it and then go to the “theme location” module at upper left and select your custom menu in the primary location pulldown and click save.



    This is the blog linked to your username and it’s a free hosted blog It is wearing the DePo Masthead theme and not all themes provide a “Home” link coded into them. However, you can easily create a custom menu and include a custom menu link to your Home page in it.

    We cannot edit templates and themes on free hosted blogs and as the the Archives and RSS feeds tabs are provided by the template and cannot be deleted in your dashboard I believe you have reached a dead end on that.

    This is a link to previous Depo Masthead threads. If you have CSS editing experience there is a preview function here > Appearance > Edit CSS. There you will be able to find out if the display of those two tabs can be suppressed or hidden by CSS editing after purchasing the annually renewable custom design upgrade.



    This is a link to previous Depo Masthead threads.



    We are a duet again lol :D
    Can the Archives and RSS feeds tabs be hidden via CSS editing or not?


    Thank you both. I was able to easily correct this exactly as TSB described.

    Wow. WP is light years ahead of intuit.



    I visited you blog and see that the Archives and RSS feeds tabs are gone. woot! TSP rocks! I’m bookmarking this thread.


    @TT, the easiest way to remove the RSS and Archive tag is to create a custom menu. Theoretically it is possible to hide those with CSS, but it is easier to use the custom menu feature.



    I’ve bookmarked this and committed to memory too. Thanks. :)

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