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setting blog goals

  1. i'm curious..does anyone else set goals for their blog..whether that's for stats or topics or something along those lines? for me, my goals are centered around posting frequency. I started out a bit slower (a few times a week) and then my goal became 5x a week and now i'm aiming for daily..although I won't beat myself up about it if that doesn't happen...hehe.

  2. Post at least 1ce daily. Don't lose readers. Take over the world. Break the top 10,000 on Technorati by 2008.

  3. yea i get anxious if i don't post at least once in 3 days. =)

  4. raincoaster: I nominate you for president. that is all.

  5. Personally, no.

    I blog in my personal blog when I need to.

    I update my ESL blog when I have something to say.

  6. bloggersanjida

    does a blog REALLY have to be literally so? a d2d log?

    hmm, i thought otherwise. :(

  7. Nice goals, raincoaster. LOL :-)

    My goal is twice a day, which is fairly easy since I don't have a set topic. It's mostly when I want to really get passionate about an entry that I need time and energy for it. It took me 2 hours to get my "Forbidden love" entry composed and structured the way I like. But, I've already done my 2 today, so now I want at least one more with "substance".

    I can't really place a goal on it, but I want my stat graph to match or exceed the previous day's views. Right now it's looking like a mountain range.

  8. @weirdscience
    In the beginning weblogs were online journals. Next came the citizen journalists and since that time weblogs have evolved to become whatever the bloggers with them choose them to be.

    Blog readerships are built on encouraging dialog, building relationships with individual readers and building a blog community.

    Generally speaking:
    (1) If any blogger does not post regularly they do not attract a faithful readership and will not be able to establish an ongoing dialog on their blogs that creates relationship and a sense of "community".
    (2) And, if any blogger does not poste quality content written on topics that attract a faithful readership then, in essence, the blog will become a personal journal.

    If you wish to enter the fray of bloggers who are concerned about achieving high hit rates and statistical rankings then there are some guidelines to become aware of Google Webmaster Guidelines

    If, however, you could care less about what whether or not blog's stats and rankings will be growing and moving upwards then setting your own blogging goals is the way to go.

    Here's a post based on Liz Straus's advice that I made to the beginner's resources blog that I gave to raincoaster. Perhaps you will find it to be useful.

    Blog Review Checklist
    What words would your readers use to describe your blog?
    What do think you think they will like best about your site?

    What is the purpose of the blog? Why does it exist?
    Is the purpose stated plainly where readers can see it?
    How well does the blog meet that purpose?

    How well does the content support the purpose?
    Is the content readable, interesting, accurate, entertaining, and appropriate?

    How well does the look of the blog communicate the kind of blog it is?
    Is navigation easy and intuitive? Do items flow naturally from the first to the next?
    Do the color palette, image, and type choices support the content or call attention away from it?

    Are postings made on a consistent schedule?
    Can readers find a notation of what that schedule is?
    Do posts reflect the unique purpose and style of the blog?
    Do they offer variety and interest within the blog’s purpose and theme?

    Do you read and respond to comments to form a sense of community?
    Consider which posts get most comments and which get none. How does that effect the topics that are being posted?

    Is your writing clear and respectful of readers?
    Have you established a writing voice that lets readers know who you really are?
    Is the blog essentially free of errors in grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation?

    Do you name categories with titles that readers can understand?
    Have you set up categories and sub-categories in a manner to draw readers into your back-list?
    Does your blog feature “Golden Oldies” that new readers would have interest in?

    What are you doing to let readers know about the blog?
    Is the blog listed listed in directories?
    Do you read and comment on other blogs within your readership?
    Have you included rss feeds?


  9. Nice goals, raincoaster. Bet you'll get there too. :)

    Personally, I like to post at least once every two days. I try to do an editorial-style post twice a week and some random posts in-between, usually around books. Stats don't bother me much, but I like to keep them level... I worry if they drop off substantially, LOL.

  10. Stats don't bother me much, but I like to keep them level... I worry if they drop off substantially, LOL.

    I think that's the key thing. Since I post about anything I feel like, I throw in a controversial topic that I have strong feelings about every now and then. That always helps give it a boost. :-)

  11. Thanks. I will get there.

  12. my goal is to have people know who i am and what i create.

    i also try to blog something every day.

  13. Nice blog, suburose. I blogrolled you under a new category - Crafters. :-)

    I like making things myself, but I have yet to get a craft room set up in the 5 years I've lived at my current place. I'm hoping to get it done before the end of the year. If my September raise is as good as I think it is, I should be able to accomplish the setup.

  14. For my first blog here my goal was to get mentioned on uber top celebrity blogs. Not just linked in their blogrolls but mentioned as a source. And about a year and a half later some uber top blogs started mentioning me. :) And I was like "THEY KNOW WHO I AM".

    Now with my new myspace layouts site, my goal is for anyone actually uses my layouts in their myspace. I figured out where to place the code in the template code where I placed a link back to my blog. No referrals yet but I am getting search words coming in.

  15. thistimethisspace

    I like "Lonely Girl" and best wishes on your new creative venture. :)

  16. Thank you! You too. ;)

  17. Good question. Never thought about concrete goals beyond enjoying myself. But if each post manages to make at least one person pause and reflect midst the constant stream out there, I'll have achieved one thing.

    Not sure if I want to post every day though. Too much pressure.

  18. I think I set one of my goals. I got a referrer back from someone's Myspace page. BUT THEY HAVE IT ON PRIVATE! :( So now I don't know which layout they used or if they just posted a link to my site for another reason.

  19. Email them and ask for a screenshot. You're the designer; surely they will want to show YOU!

  20. Goals? Why, to conquer the world Pinky, of course!

  21. Aaaand... to have a relatively well-known & well-respected sports-blog.

  22. I'll feel weird. And it's a guy too which will make me feel even more weird asking.

  23. patriotsfanblog has a football blog. He used to post in the forum a few months back. Do you know him?

  24. Get over feeling weird. You're a blogger: of COURSE you're weird.

  25. hmm i wonder what happened to patriotsfan? i guess he found something more interesting than forums... ;)

    nosysnoop: i like white rose garden and psychedelic storm.

  26. FYI I once calculated my rate of growth and it predicted I'd be the #1 blogger in the world by 2009, so what are you waiting for? JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON NOW! < /endblogpimp

  27. [eyeroll]

  28. Thanks sulz! I'm on cloud 9 now! 4 referrals from people's myspace accounts and 3 are private but this one guy is public and he used my Shilpa Shetty layout. I was like "That is so kewl". :)

    I Googled Patriot Fan and he hasn't blogged in months. :( I hope he's okay because he said he lived in a bad neighborhood and that's why he was always on his computer because he would come home from school and just stay inside the house and on his computer.

  29. i'm sure he's fine. he's 17 or 18 isn't he? blogging was just probably a phase for him...

  30. He was 15, 16, or 17. Forgot now. But he was still in high school.

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