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    I visited a wordpress blog where all comments were automatically justified once they were posted to the blog enteries. How do I fix it so all of the comments to my blog are automatically justified after they’re posted?

    The blog I need help with is


    It would take the paid CSS upgrade in order to do that.


    I purchased Custom CSS.


    Add ” text-align:justify; ” to ” .comment .entry ”


    I haven’t edited CSS style sheets in years. Can you walk me through how to go about that?


    If that is all you want to do right at the moment, the go to appearance > edit CSS, paste the following into the CSS editing box, make sure that the “add to existing stylesheet…” is selected and click “save.”

    .comment .entry {

    I find it much easier to just add in the actual parts that you are changing and in that way it is much easier to keep track of what changes you have made.


    One other thing, your custom header might disappear once you add the above to the CSS. The reason is that the custom header stuff quits working after you start with CSS.

    You might have to add the URL for your header image directly into the CSS. If it disappears, let us know and we can help you get that back in.


    Thanks guys! I appreciate it. I just added it and my header is fine.


    That’s good, and you are welcome.

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