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    I followed all the instructions at DrMike’s page on uploading images. My first few went fine. The past couple of days, I have not been able to edit the (successfully uploaded) image placement. I am trying to align it with the opening text, as always. I am using the edit image icon. I punch in my requested settings and nothing happens.

    Successful Placements:

    Not Successful Placements:

    That last one is really bunged up. Not only could I not get it to place itself correctly, it now refuses to be deleted, too.



    I love it when folks include examples. :)

    You’re missing the align bit from the image tag on #3. #1 has a align=”left”. #2 has a align=”top”. #3 doesn’t have anything and I don’t see an image in #4.

    The updated faq is here now by the way. There’s a FAQ on wrapping text as well that’s located here that should help you.

    Hope this helps,



    Super duper, DrMike!

    I was try to do it via the image icon, rather than the super easy left align button, as specified in the “text wrapping” FAQ.




    Not a problem. :)

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