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Setting MX records

  1. Hi, Please can you help with clarifying something for me. I am in the process of mapping my existing website (currently google sites ) to my blog. (url is I am also utilizing google apps for my emails. According to info I have received from wordpress I have to reset my mx records within my dashboard. However the impression I got from discussing this with my domain registrar was that as we are only updating IP addresses within our registrar to point to the wordpress IP address and not changing name servers, therefore updating / or setting MX records on is not necessary. Please can you confirm if this is accurate or not. I dont want my mails to go offline for too long so need some sort of re-confirmation... can I just update the IP addresses at my registrar and leave everything else as is? Or do I have to recreate MX records at I really appreciate the help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Actually, you need to point your nameservers to and then, from your dashboard, you add the necessary DNS records (MX, etc.) like this:

  3. Well thats what I figured initially, but my registrar advises that they dont work with nameservers only IP addresses.. ( we had the same when we were linking to Google Sites). He seems pretty confident that as long as he is only changing IP addresses, then nothing else needs to be changed. I just wanted to get further confirmation on the subject.

  4. You also need a zone record for your domain. contact the staff for that - I will also flag this thread for staff attention.

  5. thanks @auxclass... I think the zone records should be done. I was in contact with a wordpress staff member named Chris who advised that he will sort that out.

  6. hi, the following 2 paragraphs were posted in a new thread as I didnt know how to find this original thread again. After being set straight by #airodyssey i'm reposting those messages here... any help will be appreciate.

  7. Hi, Ok the scenario is this. I have my site currently setup in Google Site using Google apps and making use of the mail service in google apps. I want to now direct my domain ( to my blog while retaining use of google apps for my email. So far what I have been able to gather is that at my registrar I will point the name servers to wordpress. I then need to edit the dns settings in wordpress and enter in my MX records pointing to google. ( i thought that this step would not be necessary as it was on my registrars controller but I now gather its needed).
    My question though is do I need to enter txt and or CNAME records in considering that this was all done previously with my registrar? My domain is still controlled by my registrar not wordpress. I am not a techie so dumb it down for me :)

  8. basically my problem is that when it comes to using google apps for email, all the posts and support pages have plenty of info if you are starting from scratch and setting up a new google apps account, but I cant find anything that deals with existing accounts. So far from the previous help I have received I have been able to understand about the mx records, but now I am not sure about CNAME and TXT records. I would think that its not needed but then again i'm not sure. The more I try and read about it the more confused I seem to get.

    So thats my story... taking into account that CNAME and TXT is already with my registrar who continues to control my domain do I need to do it in WP as well or will just mx records suffice?

    thanks a mill and apologies for the duplicate thread.

  9. Pleeeeeease, can someone help me out. I have set my name servers... and even wp has obviously recognised this fact as they have allowed the mapping, yet if i do a dns looks up ( I am still getting the old dns settings. so obviously somewhere something is not right. I cant get my site to display. if you go to (my domain) it still displays my old site, if you try and strip the www which wp will do, i get a page cannot be displayed error. I have no idea what i'm not checking or what else needs to be done at my domain registrars side. i dont even want to attempt the mx records until this is resolved.

  10. @cage108
    This thread has been flagged for Staff attention but they have yet to assist you. Please contact Staff directly. Here’s the link After you use the searchbox, under the search results, at the bottom of the page there will be a section that says “Have you found the answer to your question?” You can choose either “Yes I found the answer to my question.” or “No I didn’t find the answer to my question and I would like to contact support for help.” The no option will reveal the contact form.

  11. @timethief... thanks. I have sent 2 support requests already to staff, i am getting a bit concerned as i was in contact some weeks back with 2 different staff members via email and now i'm not hearing anything. I'm sure its something simple like updating something somehwere. I also dont understand how come my ns records are still not updated at but WP allowed the mapping which in my limited understanding means they are recognizing the new NS records. Any ideas?

  12. No I'm sorry I have no ideas to share. :(

  13. thanks @timethief... i will try and sit tight. i'm in south africa so its 9pm at night here... i will be pacing past my laptop hoping for a response all night { i can just see this happening :) }

  14. further info for anyone viewing this post: i have just been going through my old emails for when i first setup my google apps account for my site and email from about a year ago. I notice that as part of the registration process for the google apps account I had to create a cname record on my registrars cpanel and point it to - i never quite understood this as i thought cname records were only for subdomains - .......... by any chance could this be causing a problem. should the cname entry be created in wp?

  15. another question related to this whole mess i'm in... i'm still trying to unravel what could be wrong. on my registrar i notice that an A record was entered for www. pointing to which when I did a look up is for google. My question is can this be deleted ? is it necessary? If I need to keep this record, then surely it should point to a WP IP address... does anyone know what the correct WP ip address would be?
    from stressed out :-|

  16. @cage108
    Please email Staff [email redacted]

  17. @cage108 If you can please email us with the details of what you still need to set up we'll be best able to help. Thanks!

  18. @andrewspittle, thanks. I have responded to the emails that we were exchanging. I think the last one I sent was yesterday.

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