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Setting my About Me to a category

  1. Hi there,

    Website I am dealing with is

    On the about me page it has the annoying uncategorised link. While I've been able to categorise new posts, I haven't been able to with new pages. Any way to change it or, best-case scenario, get rid of categories altogether on this theme?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's got to be a bug in the theme. Static pages should never display categories and tags. I flagged this for staff attention.

  3. Interesting. Good to know. Any chance I can remove the themes altogether?

  4. Remove the theme? You can use Sandbox if you want; it has no CSS images.

  5. Remove the categories or need for categories altogether (ergo, get rid of that uncategorized).

  6. It's a bug. Staff will have to fix that. UNLESS: you some how made the About info the header text in your Uncategorized category. But it's on a static page URL. I really think staff have to fix it.

  7. I am the first to say that I may be blind (too much staring at too many blogs), but I'm not seeing the Uncategorized link on the About page.

    Are you still having issues?

  8. I'm not seeing it anymore either, but I swear it was there.

  9. Uh huh.

    Pranks on the poor happiness engineer day. I get it. ;)

    Well let me know if it comes back and I'll talk with the Theme folks to see what we can do about it.

  10. It was there - I saw it.

  11. I took a look and also did not see the category link on the Modularity Lite theme. As @amightywp said earlier, let us know if it pops up again and we'll take a look.

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