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Setting tags for my Blog

  1. How do I set a tag for my blog? Can i set a tag for my image? Lastly can i set these tags when uploading images/blogs through xml-rpc ?

  2. WP uses the term Categories.

    1. Tags can be created when you write your post. There's a box on the right hand side. Or you can go to your dashboard - manage - categories.

    2. Images don't get tagged.

    3. At least using BlogDesk, you can tag a post. I'm not sure if you can create categories within the software or not. I never looked and I'm not sitting in front of that computer right now.

  3. @katm
    FYI you can import your categories into BlogDesk and then mark each post as you go.

  4. *sigh*

    Posting before eating is a bad idea in my case.

    I guess I was unclear.

    I meant I wasn't sure if you could create categories on the fly. It's not in the main window, but I haven't gone through all the menus and submenus to find out.

    But yeah. There's an option in there somewhere to import your categories. If I need a new one then I create it using dashboard-manage-categories and then reimport the categories into BlogDesk.

  5. @ katm
    re: BlogDesk
    -> File -> Manage Blogs ->
    Properties -> Categories
    (2 choices "Get from server" and "Edit manually")
    When in doubt simply upload as a draft.
    Then you can "tweak" it in your blog.

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