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    How do I set a tag for my blog? Can i set a tag for my image? Lastly can i set these tags when uploading images/blogs through xml-rpc ?



    WP uses the term Categories.

    1. Tags can be created when you write your post. There’s a box on the right hand side. Or you can go to your dashboard – manage – categories.

    2. Images don’t get tagged.

    3. At least using BlogDesk, you can tag a post. I’m not sure if you can create categories within the software or not. I never looked and I’m not sitting in front of that computer right now.



    FYI you can import your categories into BlogDesk and then mark each post as you go.




    Posting before eating is a bad idea in my case.

    I guess I was unclear.

    I meant I wasn’t sure if you could create categories on the fly. It’s not in the main window, but I haven’t gone through all the menus and submenus to find out.

    But yeah. There’s an option in there somewhere to import your categories. If I need a new one then I create it using dashboard-manage-categories and then reimport the categories into BlogDesk.



    @ katm
    re: BlogDesk
    -> File -> Manage Blogs ->
    Properties -> Categories
    (2 choices “Get from server” and “Edit manually”)
    When in doubt simply upload as a draft.
    Then you can “tweak” it in your blog.

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