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Setting the Language of a Post

  1. Yes, my blog is primarily English but sometimes I write posts in Bahasa Indonesia and in the future I want to write Japanese posts.

    Is there a way to set the language of a post when writing a new post/editing a post? I want it to affect the "lang" attribute of the HTML page.

    I tried making a container "div" tag to set the language on the post content but WordPress deletes the "lang" attribute on that tag :(.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. The method you are trying to use will not work because you aren't allowed to edit the HTML of your page on And I don't think it's possible to blog in two languages. But you might consider checking this again if somebody has something else to say.

  3. /nod to ishmeet
    One possibility to to set up two other blogs on your account, one for Bahasa and one for Japanese and then put links on your main blog so that people can get to them from there. You could also do a post pointing people to the posts in the other languages, or have a page for each of the other languages with links to the post on the other blogs.

  4. /nod to tsp

    Another thing you could do is to write your posts in English and then have a translate button below only those posts which you want in other languages. So the users can translate that post according to their choice. I'm not pretty sure if it will work though.

  5. Also note that others have requested multi-language capability

  6. You can create a link in a text widget for your readers to click and see the blog in a different language. You'd use something like Babel Fish or Google Translate to translate your blog, and then use that address as the link. It's true the translations aren't 100% accurate but it's the best approach we can offer aside from the multiple blogs approach.

  7. {waving to ishmeet and tsp} :)

  8. Something that I discovered is the Regional and Language options one my computer (Windows XP). If you could find those sorts of options on your computer, which allows you to switch languages freely in almost any situation, you could include two languages in one post, or what not. Да. Это вкусно. (Yes. This is delicious.) Anyway, on Windows XP, you go to the Control Panel, and then go to Regional and Language Options. Go to "Languages" and click "Details". Then click on "Add..." and select the language you want to add. The shortcut to changing between languages is Alt + LEFT Shift. Unfortunately, they don't have Japanese, but I'm sure if you downloaded a program that allows you to type it, it would be able to tell you how to switch back and forth.

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