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Setting time zone/midnight rollover

  1. kiefferceramics

    Hi, I've searched past forum topics for this but the answers I found aren't solving it for me. I'm in EST, and would like my stats to rollover at midnight. I had set the UTC at the recommended -4 --I do realize daylight savings puts this at one hour off-- but it's still going to next day at 7pm. What +/- do I need to set for EST, and if -4 or -5 is correct, why isn't it working if I choose that and save it? Thanks for thoughts.

  2. Stats and wordpress run on GMT/UTC. The time offset that you can set under settings > general does not have any effect on that and will only be reflected in your blog post times/dates.

  3. kiefferceramics

    Thanks, SacredPath. Understand now. Appreciate it.

  4. You're welcome.

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