Setting up a blog, changing a blog name and attaching it to a website

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    I have already created a blog called under my account planetcoms.

    Now I want to change this blog to our domain: and attach it to our website.

    How do I do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    You buy the domain name and mapping upgrades for a total of $18 a year, and on your website you add a link, tab, or button to take you to the blog and vice versa.



    Yes but I don’t know how to access the blog url to change it. Where do I go and how?



    As long as nobody else owns the domain, you can buy it from the Upgrades page of the Dashboard of that blog.



    I have bought the domain from 1and1 and forwarded it to: It is showing as a wordpress site but not under my WordPress account:

    How do I link the two together?



    Like I said, you need to buy the Domain Mapping upgrade as well or it won’t work.



    looks like you did some of this for Domain Mapping – but the name servers do not seem to be set correctly at 1&1

    It also looks like you are using some sort of forward and mask – so you will never see a valid address for your blog – neither will search engines – fix the name servers and you will see good URLs in the browser



    What do you need for me to transfer the domain to WordPress?

    They say their name servers are set correctly.

    The alternative is that you give me the DNS records and name server information for 1&1 to implement at your end.

    Please make this easy. I am not a tecchy and am finding this very hard.



    You are selling dog food on – you want to talk about dog food on your and you want // blog to look like it is part of your web site

    If the above is true – your name servers are set correctly – then you need to map your blog as a sub-domain – that will give you something like for the address

    See below for the instructions – they are not as bad as they look if you go through step by step – you will need a record added at your registrar (explained in the steps)

    I will also flag this for the staff to review your account to see if you have purchased the correct upgrade



    I don’t see any domain mapping upgrades on your account yet.

    If you want to show your blog, you’ll need to map a domain following this guide:

    If you want something like to show your blog, you’ll need to map a subdomain following this guide:



    Hello, I’ve just paid in btc for redirecting my blog to another site (own domain, but can’ t see this domain added as primary in Store/Domains. What is the problem?



    Hi – Ive mapped my blog to a subdomain, but it has an Apache error to ?? Is this a problem with my worpress settings or my server settings? I’ve tried reading everything but cant figure it out..

    maybe because its

    thanks so much for your help

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