setting up an email account with an external domain name

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    Hi there,

    So i’m having trouble setting up an email address with my new site – it would be great if anyone has any pointers.

    I bought the domain name via a hosting company. I then have then the new server codes so that they could re-direct the domain name to my new wordpress site. All good so far.

    Now I want to set up an email with the domain name, they say I cant because “It would require us activating the hosting account and DNZ zones, this will affect existing DNS zones you have with another host.”

    Surely this is something people do all the time – or did i just set mine up completely wrong? Would my only option be to transfer the domain over the wordpress and then use an external host such as Zoho Mail?

    The blog I need help with is



    You have several options – some cost some don’t – you can use your domain name Registrar if you want but they will usually charge you – see below for options



    Hi Philshakespeare,

    Domain services and hosting services are separate. To setup email accounts you will need hosting service somewhere since doesn’t offer it currently. You could go with the Zoho option for 3 free accounts if you don’t need more than that.

    Turning on hosting shouldn’t disrupt your DNS numbers but if they did you should be able to just update them at after hosting is enabled. You can find hosting service very reasonably (under $10 a month) for a basic account.

    Some popular reliable hosts are:



    how can i have a mail account in my domain?
    ex: (email redacted)

    Thank you.

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