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Setting up custom email for domain

  1. Hi. I recently registered a domain on wordpress and am trying to get an email set up specifically attached to the domain (i.e. [email redacted])- if I understand correctly, I can have up to 50 emails. I've looked at the directions for domain mapping and tried going through Google Apps (which is really confusing since wordpress gives it as an option yet I've read in other forums that Google Apps doesn't work with wordpress). I am quite frustrated, not understanding the more technical aspects of computers, so if anyone can assist in plain English, I would be obliged. Again, I'm not looking to hook up my existing Gmail to this website, but rather one specific to it. Thanks!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Sean. I followed these instructions and had my Google Apps email set up in no time. Which part of the instructions below are you having difficulty with?

  3. Well, I was able to sign up for Google Apps without any problem. My difficulty was in uploading the HTML and adding the meta tag (I think these were the only two options I tried because I really didn't understand what I had to do for the other one or two options). I'm pretty sure that I'm not uploading the HTML to the right place (because I don't know where it should be uploaded to), but that always gives me the message that verification failed. I forget what the meta tag option message was after I tried that, but basically the same. I did notice that when I go onto my WordPress dashboard and it has the option for webmaster tools, after I save the code in the spot, it cuts off the first part of it. Not sure why. Also, I tried to follow the directions regarding editing the DNS but they went over my head and I got nowhere with that option, too.
    Hopefully this helps clear up where I'm stumbling so that I can get this taken care of.

  4. My difficulty was in uploading the HTML and adding the meta tag

    Precisely. You can't upload an HTML file or change the meta tag. Please refer back to step 7 of the link I gave you and look at the screenshots. It says you have to tell Google Apps you want to verify your domain by selecting "Add a DNS record"

  5. ~~airodyssey

    @kavkaznik, you're having trouble because you're going to the wrong place on wordpress. You need to go to Settings > Domains, then click on "edit DNS."

    Also make sure that your new domain is selected as the primary domain.

  6. OK. Like I said, I tried to do that one before, too, but I'll give it another go and see what happens. I think what confuses me is that I looked at the examples of DNS records from the dashboard and didn't understand what mine should look like. But we'll see.

  7. ~ airodyssey -- I was answering as you were posting -- sorry!

  8. OK - just to be clear: my primary domain is the .net, right (and not the that exists just for the dashboard)...?

  9. I still don't understand the examples (listed below). Can someone explain what I need to change - obviously the "example" part of it, but what would that get changed to and anything else? Also, do I need to have all five of those lines or just one if I'm trying to set up email just for myself?

    TXT v=spf1 ~all
    A webmail

  10. You want them all in your dns records (obviously switching "" to whatever your gmail says it should be).

    This is what mine looks like, bearing in mind that I also set it up for the docs app, calendar, site, etc., and you will only need those related to the mail app plus the google verification string -- I think I had to do the verification string before I did anything else:

    CNAME calendar
    CNAME docs
    CNAME mail
    TXT google-site-verification=[very long string of letters and numbers issued by google]
    CNAME sites

    Google will provide you with the values and all you have to do is type them into the text box on your dns editing screen.

  11. I finally got everything set up thanks to you and letting the old Google Apps registration expire - for some reason when I first signed in, it wouldn't give me the menu bar with the options to adjust settings and so forth. Now I'm good to go, though. Thanks a million, mmadfan!

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