Setting up gmail with my domain

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    Okay, I am trying to route email from my domain name here to my new googleapps (gmail) acct. My site address is I have everything set up on the google apps end and even have email – (email redacted) However, I can send, but cannot receive email through it. I cannot figure out where I need to go here to point the whatevers toward the gmail whatevers. I am very very computer illiterate and am wondering if someone can give me a step by step exactly as I am supposed to do it. I know it has something to do with MX Btw, I am using the Coraline theme if that matters.
    Thx much

    The blog I need help with is



    You’ll want to follow these steps. Right now you aren’t able to receive mail because you have no MX records set up for your domain. The page I linked to will walk you through setting up using Google Apps with a domain hosted with


    Haha, I slowed down, got hold of my nerves and followed the instructions step-by-step. I have it working, and think I am about ready to become a computer engineer.
    Thank you much topher!

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