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    I write about health and lifestyle. I have managed to add About to the Menu bar – is that the right name for it?

    I would like my readers to click on the main topics of Lifestyle, Health, Fitness, Nutrition. Each of these subjects are broken down into further topics, and some of those have further topics. I would like to add Editor’s Blog, and Giveaways. I just can’t figure out how to do that.

    I have managed to add an image, but not able to find out how to add a caption to it.

    Is there someone who could metaphorically hold my hand? Am just not able to get anywhere and am getting a bit stressed out here. I’m finding the terminology difficult to work with.

    The blog I need help with is


    First off, I would create categories for each of your different subjects or divisions. You will then post under those divisions. That will give you the basic organization.

    Then you create a custom menu and put those categories into the menu. You can also organize the sub categories (children) under the main category in the menu and they will appear on a dropdown. You can next up to 4 levels deep I think.

    Since the main page typically will show posts from all categories, you might want to use a static “home” page if you do not want all the posts mixed up on the main page.


    Oops, I forgot the link to the custom menu support page.



    Hi, many thanks for your help. I set up the static page which worked well. I added categories and subcategories but I must have done something wrong because they all appear in the navigation bar in alphabetical order, without any hierarchical structure. Also the About .. page and the Home page headers have disappeared. Also the overall header – Features has disappeared.

    Sorry about this, but I do hope you can come to my aid, again.


    On the custom menus support page, it explains how to make menu items appear in a dropdown below another. You simply drag the title bar of that item slightly to the right till you see a grey outlined box appear and then release the mouse button. Do that with all items you want as a dropdown. Make sure and save the menu after you make those changes.

    On the about and home tab, add those pages into your custom menu (you might have to click the “view all link in the pages module on the custom menu page to see all the pages. Again, make sure and save after adding anything to the custom menu.


    I am not sure what you are talking about when you say header feature. The blog looks fine to me.


    inbalancemag: You’ll probably want to try the Categories Widget in your sidebar, not the Custom Menu for your navigation menu.

    Actually, I see that you’re using it (Editor’s Blog). No categories will appear unless you have a post in a category.

    If you’re talking about your pages, they’re at the bottom of the navigation menu and your Menus page. You might want to remove all those categories from the custom menu, especially since all of them are currently empty. (Dashboard > Appearance > Menus)

    I hope that helps.


    @inbalancemag, here is a screenshot to show what the item tabs should look like on the custom menu page to make them into submenu dropdown items.



    Thanks, I think I’ve got it!

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