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    As a newbie I continue to struggle with WordPress, and setting up menus is one of my main problems at this time. Apart from the first “Home” menu no other menu header I’ve added comes up under view. Under one of these other menus, I added (then deleted) categories, then imported posts. While the Menu titles remain missing, these post titles (and previously the categories) now litter the site header (above the menu banner line).

    This morning I also tried to include the Menu aps as a sidebar, but that does not appeared either. Perhaps I clicked (or did not click) something that stops it viewing.

    The blog I need help with is



    When you go to:

    Appearance >> Menus

    Do you see something like in this picture?

    If so, is there a tick/check mark next to: Automatically Add new top level pages?

    Hope this helps.

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