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    I’m really quite new to the online side of things – so basically this is probably easily resolved, yet I have no idea what’s required.

    I have a blog: – I bought the domain for this THROUGH

    Now I’m trying to set up a personalized email for the website through hotmail, but it’s asking me to change my DNS settings. It claims:

    Your service is Pending DNS configuration. Please make the required DNS changes.
    You are not confirmed as an administrator of this domain. Please update DNS for your domain using the settings provided below.
    Your service is Pending DNS configuration. Please make the required DNS changes.
    Mail service will be disabled if you have MX records pointed to other mail services.
    To help ensure that mail sent from your domain is not marked as junk mail, we also recommend that you add a Text Record for your domain with the values listed below.

    Now to be honest – I have no idea what any of this means, but it does go on to tell me what i should be changing my DNS to.

    When I tried to access the DNS through the domain log in it says: Total DNS: (Not hosted here)

    So could someone please tell me how I can change the DNS to set up a personalized email account please?


    The blog I need help with is


    About half way down in the domain mapping upgrade support document it says that you can use Google Apps MX to have email on your blog. That is the only option we have right now.


    Absolutely wonderful thank you!

    I really only wanted hotmail because I know how to use it – but this is much better.

    As usual brilliant help, and wonderfully simple.
    The whole reason I blog with wordpress!!!!


    You’re welcome.

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