Setting up second blog, importing and subdomain mapping

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    I’ve set up a blog – – as a demonstration fo a company that may wish to start running a blog in the new year. If so, it’ll be a separate blog from this, but I’ll want to use the style sheet I’ve created here, and import some of the other content too – presumably I just set up a second blog, but how much of what I’ve done already can I import? (Given I’ll be doing the second one from a different email addres, should I set up a second user profile, make my second identify co-ner of the existing blog and owner of thenew one, so I can do this?).

    And a question on subdomains. If this does go ahead, they’ll want to map a subdomain of their existing domain to the second wordpress blog. They can set up subdomains of the main domain with no problem (their hosting company has control panel), but do they point to the wordpress second blog home page address, or is there an IP address they will need?

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    You will be able to easily transfer all of your posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags to the new blog. For more on this process, please review

    Regarding the custom CSS, you will need to purchase the upgrade again on the new blog; if you choose the same theme there, you can then copy and paste your custom CSS code to use it on the new blog. The Custom CSS Upgrade cannot be transferred to another blog that will be created in the future.

    The account set up is completely up to you/your client. If they want to have an administrator on the blog, you can easily create it with your current account and then contact support to transfer the blog. If you will be the administrator, you can go either way. It depends on your client’s wants/needs.

    To map a subdomain, they will need to add a CNAME record with their DNS provider. provides the specifics.



    Hi Bubel,

    My blog is I want to create the French version of the blog, and I saw that some people just tag all your posts and pages. I’d rather use a subdomain ( but I wonder if I have to set up a new blog and map it to that new subdomain, and if it’s going to clash with the mapping of the domain.

    I’m confused.


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