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Setting Up Subscribe to Blog on your site

  1. I know this is a simple one, but can't locate the answer...How do set up the function in your blog so that people can click on a widget to subscribe to your blog?

    [email redacted]

  2. You can add the "Meta Widget" in your sidebar - it contains a link to your blog's rss feed. That way people can subscribe to your feed.

    Another thing, please don't put your email address in the forums - the spammers will catch it and make your mailbox become a living hell. And all questions are answered here in the forum, so no need to put an email address here.

    Hope this was helpful,
    - Biyang Hansen

  3. You can also add the RSS widget and configure it to show your own blog. It's redundant, but it does show people instantly where they can get your feed.

  4. Actually, came to think about it, third way is to use a text widget and put in a link called "subscribe" or whatever, and link it to your blog's feed:

    My feed is

    Yours would be

    That should do the trick.

    - Biyang

  5. Thanks Biyag and blogging skills are minimal, so I can't figure out how to put a link in to the blog home page...any help? Also, can I remove my e-mail address from the initial posting question in the forum.

  6. Sadly you can't remove your email address yourself - only way to do it is to ask a forum moderator or staff member to moderate your post and delete it.

    Here's a little reading on widgets and links:

    Hope that helps,

    - Biyang

  7. @livewell
    For future reference, if you ever need to put your email in a blog, or in a forum, put it in this form so the spambots won't find it: username [at] yourisp [dot] com.

    At some point spammers will figure this out and catch us and then we will have to change to something else.

  8. Another way, which is often used in newsgroups, is to add some characters to your email address and then tell people to remove them before answering.

    Like this:

    Remove "123" to get the right email address

    - Biyang

  9. @niyse
    Thanks for adding that great suggestion. I will certainly file it away for future use.

  10. @niyse
    Clever suggestion - thanks :)

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