Settings . Permalink panel I DO NOT SEE THIS PERMALINK PANEL.

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    I am learning/reading about Permalinks and what they are and how to use. There are instructions that I don’t understand and need some illumination on. It says what you see below, but I clicked o nto Settings and do not see any Permalink panel. What have I not done or done wrong??

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    Choosing your permalink structure

    In the Settings → Permalinks panel (Options → Permalinks before WordPress 2.5), you can choose one of the “common” structures or enter your own in the “Custom structure” field using the structure tags.


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    Are you looking in the support area? (
    Their software is different from
    In WordPress.COM, we cannot change the permalink format.


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    Sorry, the ??? made the link not hot.
    anyway, it explains stuff we can’t use here on
    Or maybe your have another blog on a site?



    I am talking about my blog. I do not have and I am pretty sure I was reading about the SHARE button in the area. I better go and check. Rats, there is so much to learn and it is so exciting…..

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    Hi again. I was in the following page:

    someone here had a blog with that SHARE button, and I clicked around and decided that I wanted such a button on my blog. I still cannot figure this out.

    Theme is “DePo.”


    You can add addthis, but you have to follow the instructions in the FAQ’s here at We cannot change or modify permalinks here at wordpress.COM.



    Why there is a different and
    in teher is no permalink

    So how to change permalink in


    You cannot change permalinks at wordpress.COM. This is a multi-user version of wordpress and there are limits to what can and cannot be changed since we all share the same underlying files. A change to any of those files would change things for everyone, not just the person making the change. For the differences between .COM and .ORG, see the sticky post at the top of the forums in the yellow about the differences.



    I need help:-(

    All I am trying to do is create a link between my own posts so that I can generate the “Related Posts” list … I can see the permalink address of each of my posts when I am in the edit mode, so I copy it – then I go into the post that should have the “related link at the bottom” click the link-button – window pops up – I insert the link, the description, how I want it display – I save and click “Preview” – I can see the link and then….
    well, then I click on the link (I prefer that it opens in a new window) and it works, window opens, BUT the message says that there is nothing to display! I see my site but the placeholder for the actual poste is empty, thre is only that message…

    Seems like permalink is not pointing to the right page or I don’t know where to get the “right” permalink?

    I am desperate by now – tryed different combinations all day!!!




    If you use the edit permalink and just copy and paste it there is a bug which will duplicate the last or next to last section of the URL. You can manually edit that once you have pasted it.

    What you can do is use the URL after you have published the article/blogpost/story. Simply publish the blogpost – copy the correct URL in the address bar of your browser and then use that one. You can always right click on the blogpost head line and copy URL/link location and that will work, too.



    I was reading the above comments, and it seems that there is a mis-communication somewhere. I viewed a video that someone made in you-tube that is explaining how to change the permalink in WordPress.COM it is NOT .ORG he is showing step by step how to change the permalink for wordpress.COM and it showed the permalink and all. When I went in to follow these steps, I noticed that I didn’t have the permalink, he mentioned it depended on the version of wordpress you have but, is actually stating that they all have them and could be worded differently of where to locate it.

    I searched every source available and still don’t see it! Really not sure, what version he has because it sure isn’t the one I have. lol :)

    Just figured, I’d share that with you all! In case you would like to see the video for yourself, I added the links below. :) Once someone comes up with an answer can you please contact me, at Mangelozzi1 @ gmail . com [email mjunged – Mark] and let me know the outcome if any, I would appreciate it. :)

    <object width=”425″ height=”344″><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”425″ height=”344″></embed></object>




    What he has in that video is a Selfhosted Blog with Not
    You have the freedom to such things as fancy permalinks for example with .ORG

    You cannot change the permalink structure of posts in a blog, other than:

    “Blog”/”Date”/ “Postname”.

    You can only edit the “Postname”, which is done on your Dashboard–> new post.


    And don’t post your mail here (unless you like spam).



    Hi. I’m got a message from Technorati that my URL is flagged when I tried to claim my last post. I was able to claim one post prior to the “flagged” message appearing. I’m not sure if my permalinks are set up like Tech. wants them. Does WordPress.COM automatically set up your
    posts as “Blog”/”Date”/”Postname”?



    P.S. Why is my time of submission 5:59 AM? It’s only 12:59 AM here in Florida.


    WordPress itself runs on UTC/GMT. It would make no sense to tie the times in the forums to local time zones since someone might be in the UK, and another person responding to them in California. Things would end up all mixed up.


    WordPress.COM permalinks for posts will always take the form: . There is no way to change it and it has been that way for a long time. You might want to check with Technorati and see what they say the problem is. I’ve never had any issues with the permalinks here and technorati.



    Thanks for the help. Guess my problem is elsewhere. God bless.


    You’re are welcome.

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