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Setup strategy question

  1. This is a long question, I apologize in advance, and thank anyone who has the patience to stay with it.

    I want to blog about a broad topic, but at the same time, focus on two or three narrower aspects of that topic. I want to dedicate a section of my blog to each subtopic. A new subtopic post would appear in the correct subtopic area, and also in the main topic area, but nowhere else.

    I know I can sort of accomplish this with Categories if I use a theme that supports Custom Menus.

    But I have several domains, one for the broad topic and one for each of the narrow subtopics, and I want to redirect each domain the appropriate place in my new blog - the main page, or the correct Category.

    How do I do this? How do I redirect a domain to a wordpress blog? Can I redirect to a category?

    Is Categories the right strategy in the first place?

    Any help or ideas would be appreciate, or it is easier, point me to the right literature and I will research on my own.


  2. But I have several domains, ...

    Please read the information on domain mapping >

  3. Thank you for the point. It appears that I cannot map domains to a category.

    What other options might be worth research to try and achieve my strategy?

  4. I'm sorry but I don't know any means of mapping domains to Categories pages.

  5. I would suggest instead that you get an independent WP install and then you can make each sub-topic a subdomain or use its unique domain within the site itself. In other words, not categories at all, but separate mini-sites within the main site.

  6. Can I redirect to a page? Seems no. But I'm asking anyway.

    Alternately, if I had four or five seperate blogs, is there a way to get new posts from all of them to show in one place?

  7. @rain - can you point me to the right literature I can reference to see how to create a setup like you are describing?

    And thank you both for your time on my questions :)

  8. I'm afraid I don't know off the top of my head: WordPress.COM is my thing, not WordPress.ORG, but I'm sure the forums over there can help you.

  9. I didn't know there was a difference. How do I know which to use and when?

  10. Well, doing exactly what you propose is not possible here at all. You can't use those domain names. It's possible, with some work, at

  11. Never mind my last question, I found the difference between .com and .org here

    All the other questions remain as open mysteries.

  12. In case anyone else reads this and has the same question:

    There is a widget called Subdomains that allows one to link directly to categories. It is only available on self-hosted blogs though, cannot be done on a blog.

    I am still trying to find out how to create a two-level blog hierarchy. Apparently that can be done on a self-hosted site too but I don't yet know how.

    In the meantime: the theme Mimbo comes pretty close to what I was wanting to do and is available right here on blogs. Not free though, and not exactly what I wanted, but very very close.

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