Several CSS problems with Mixfolio

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    Hi there,

    I’ve set up a blog using the mixfolio theme. It’s the only theme that suits the layout I want. However, I’m having a couple of issues with editing CSS and the layout in general.

    1. I edited the color of ALL text on the page to #ffcc66. This worked perfectly on every page but the page labeled “Discog”. The text color has changed but for some reason this page has the widget area pushed down to the bottom of the page and the “post-nav” (which I have removed on every other post via CSS) remains.

    2. I also want to edit the front page so that it is only 2 image boxes wide, leaving room for the widget area.

    I’m rather new to CSS and web design so this will no doubt be down to something I’ve overlooked or a mistake I’ve made. Any help and patience for an amateur would be hugely appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there,

    I’ve gone ahead and moved this topic to our CSS Customization forum so you can get the appropriate help you deserve.

    Happy blogging!



    Try this for the next/previous page nav:

    #nav-below {display: none;}

    Your header on DISCOG is hooking the .twelve-row class, and when I delete that class from that div, your page displays the way it should.

    For your home page width, if you do this

    .row .four.columns {
        width: 30%;

    and this

    .full-width #content, .image-attachment #content, .error404 #content {
    width: 80%;

    You get two images on top with one on the bottom. They’re all a bit smaller, though so I’m not sure it’s what you’re after. You can tweak around with the settings and see if that will get you what you want, though.




    Thanks so much for the advice! The nav buttons on the discog page have been successfully removed and the front page is looking the way I want it to.

    However, the problem with the sidebar remains. How do I edit the div class? Do I need to go into the php files for that?



    I suspect that it’ll be an option you can select on the page type, since the bio and dj mixes pages are the right ones. Go to your dashboard, then “pages” and select discog so you can view it like a post. There is a box to the right called “page attributes” – choose the page type that you’ve got selected for the other two. That should do it. I hope!

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