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    All was ok yesterday, This morning April 5 several features not working. Can’t create Tags. Can’t create links. Can’t use Quick Edit. Also it appears posting comments box is shaded over and unusable. I’m not allowed to report this to Support because I don’t have an upgraded blog paid account. I have more than one WordPress blog, and have discovered same problem with the other blogs, so problem is not limited to this TimelineJournal blog. Perhaps problem is widespread, but unless it is effecting upgraded blogs paid accounts, and those people have reported it, Support will not know there is a problem to be fixed. By the way, I cleared cookies and did a restart, just in case the problem is on my end and that might fix it, but it didn’t. Maybe someone reading this, who has an upgraded paid account, can see if they are having same problem and notify Support. Is there a page at WordPress that lists current major problems being worked on? Like they already know about it and are working on it, like what Twitter does? That would be useful.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve had some stuff kind of like this happen, but that was because my connection wasn’t secure. Otherwise, this hasn’t happened to me. Hope someone out there knows what the problem is and how to fix it.


    It appears WordPress was aware of the problems, and has corrected them as of about 11:00am Central Time US.

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