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    I am a future WordPress user and I need info before really starting my blog
    I already have a very new blog (blogger/blogspot) but I noticed that we don;t have many options, plugins etc. That’;s why I am changing

    I’d like to create a blog, about my job, that will be translated MANUALLY (with some people’s help, without widget…) into approx. 8 languages

    Well, there are 2 questions I am wondering

    1- When visitors choose their language, I can redirect them to the articles translated in their languages. However, things like blocks, widgets (…) around won’t be translated into their languages, will they ?
    For example if visitors choose SPANISH, how to do so everything around articles is also in Spanish ?
    If by example I have at the right of my blog a block where there would be a list of the latest articles, don’t you think that there will be articles of every language ?

    2- Is it possible, thanks to a plugin, to tags, or anything else, to sort articles by topic (theme) AND language ?

    Thanks a lot and sorry for the mistakes (english isn’t my mother tongue)



    To my knowledge there is no way to present multiple translations for blogs, in fact even any JavaScript solutions would present an issue since security on the sites does not allow it…

    You may find the solution pointed out in this support article to be helpful:



    You can do it the hard way: make multiple blogs each with the “same” content but in the different languages. I’m doing that for one of my sites, You can click on the ‘Deutsch’ link and it takes you to a duplicate site in German (well, it’s not all there yet!). You can then click on the ‘English’ link in the German version to take you back. But that’s only ’cause I don’t have a sidebar. With a sidebar you can just make a link for each language.

    The approach was to use subdomains, so I have and The actual WordPress blogs are and Each one has the domain extra, and haustschagide maps to Implementing that was actually quite simple.

    The advantage of this approach, at least with German, is that things like ‘category’ become ‘kategorien’. However, I’m not sure this is so for languages other than German or English. You’ll need to transfer any CSS data, re-upload pictures. My approach was to export from the English version and then import in the German version, and I’m in the process of converting each article to German.

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