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Several pages

  1. I have a page to prepare but it's really long. I'd like to have it this way: page 1 (main) and from that page a link to page 2 (continued) and probably 3.
    How can i do that? I'm not sure the parent page function will do that cause it will surely appear in some hierarchical menu on the sidebar.
    Ahem, hope I'm clear

  2. you can use "page parent" option that's on the right side when you're going to make a page

  3. um, what I feared happened, with the page parent fuction you get a sub-menu from the main page. what i would like to have is a "page 2", "page 3" link at the bottom of each page or something like "previous" and "next".

    There's a "page order" function available. Any use?

  4. Page order sets how the listed pages are displayed in the sidebar.

    I would guess there is no way to have one pages broken into segments of P-1, P-2 etc. There is a special WP tag for that function but it isn't available.

  5. okay thanks

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