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Several photos simultaneously upload and insert in an article

  1. Hello

    Since two months I have been a user of 'Wordpress Blogging'. In the meanwhile I appreciate the user-friendly and very diverse functions. Even the user interface I find clear and easy to understand and intuitive to use. As a longtime user of Google's BLOGGER I have good comparisons. Thus 'WordPress' does not have to fear a comparison to Google's BLOG.

    Nevertheless, I miss in 'WordPress' an important feature for many users. So it is obviously impossible to upload and insert multiple photos together in an article. The 'multi-file uploader' can indeed be a simultaneous upload to the gallery or library, but then it's over with the simultaneity. From the gallery each photo will be inserted individually into the article, which is extremely tedious and time consuming. It is inexplicable and incomprehensible to me, because the photos are already uploaded in the gallery at this time, and were actually available for the simultaneous insertion.

    I know the gallery feature in 'Wordpress'. For my travel diary (BLOG) this function is unsuitable because the reading flow would be interrupted.

    It seems to me that such a function is to be achieved with relatively little programming effort. There would be certainly many beneficiaries, because mostly several photos are inserted into the article, and not just one photo. The time savings of such an improvement would be considerable and even more relaxing. In addition 'WordPress' would thus catch up with'Google BLOGGER', which already have the possibility for a long time.

    How about if 'Wordpress' would implement this function more or less as a Christmas present :-)

    Sorry for my bad English. Thank you for your efforts.

    Heinz (alias flup2)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. See here Media Library ยป Multi-file vs. Browser Uploader

  3. Hello

    Let's make it clear. The problem is not to upload many photos together in the gallery or media-library, but to insert multiple photos into an article. Currently, only one photo can be inserted into an article at once.
    If there is a possibility to insert more then one photo together, please let me know.


    Heinz (alias flup2)

  4. Yes, you can use the Gallery feature. However, the Gallery feature will insert all the photos that you've uploaded to the post, unless you use "includes" or "excludes" to only display a few images at the same point.

    You can read more about using the Gallery here:

    Even more here:

    and there are demos here:

  5. Hello

    First of all, thank you very much for your well-ment tips. For many users the photo gallery is a great feature to present many photos in a attractive way in a BLOG. I've looked at "how to create a gallery" and I think, that I would use them occasionally as a summary of additional photos in my travel diary.

    However, that is not what I need. A travel diary contains usually text and photos in chronological order. A photo gallery would prevent the context between text and pictures and stop the reading-flow of text or at least make it very difficult to read, because the full-scale view of the photos had to be changed again and again from the mosaic representation to the photo view.

    To make it clear again: What I need is an easy way to add more than one photo at once in a text, such as it occurs in a magazine.


    Heinz (alias flup2)

  6. I don't recall that I mentioned anything about using a mosaic.

    Did you look at this post?

    or this post?

    Both of those posts had their images uploaded at the same time and then broken down into groups or even single images, all using the Gallery. Hope that explains it better. Cheers and best wishes.

  7. Hello

    By the way, the term "Mosaic" I have taken from the Gallery's description:

    However, the download of multiple photos at once is not the real problem. At "WordPress" this works properly. It's really just about inserting multiple pictures into a text at once. So you can get an idea what I mean, just have a look in my current travel diary:

    I also realize that with the Gallery feature is a way to insert multiple photos in an article. But the creation of a Gallery is relatively complex and time consuming.

    Especially to insert simple photos in a text in this manner seems too complicated to me. Copy-paste would be the simple recipe, as it is realized in other BLOGS like Google's BLOGGER.

    I think such a function could be implemented with relatively little programming effort. The code would also be much smaller than in the Gallery feature. I hope that "WordPress" implements this valuable feature sometime. On the other hand I can also live with the existing situation. It's just a matter of time effort :-)


    Heinz (alias flup2)

  8. Hello

    The developers of "WordPress " are a true Christmas surprise :-) They have really managed the desired function of inserting multiple photos in an article, which I and many other users have wished. Congratulations and thank you very much, that they have taken our concerns seriously. This is a real Christmas present :-)


    Heinz (alias flup2)

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