Several questions on newly purchased Luscious theme

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    Yesterday, I purchased the Luscious premium theme for my blog after being enticed with how the demo looked. ( However, upon activating it, the theme on my blog ( was not looking the way it did in the demo. I have a few questions on some of the main features:
    1. The social media buttons to the right of the header, how do we set that up? I tried putting a widget up on that corner, but it gets aligned to the top of the header portion, rather than where it shows up in the demo.
    2. Right now, all my posts that have pictures automatically have made the picture a “featured image” on each post. I do not want this. i actually don’t even have it set with any featured image, yet they all still show up above every post. Is this a glitch? I created a new post and it’s still doing that, as well as with my existing posts prior to activating the theme.

    Would love any help or insight into this, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll be asking for a refund because it’s not at all how the demo looks to be working – and that is what I purchased it based on.

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    You should be able to set these via Appearance -> Theme Options in your Dashboard.

    If that’s not working out, I recommend contacting the theme developer through



    Yeah, it’s more complex than just in the theme options unfortunately.. Thanks, I’ve posted the questions over on the Luscious forum.

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